All Saints' Anglican Church in Rome - Easter Sunday Mass in a Tin

Alleluia, Christ is risen!
The Lord is risen indeed, alleluia!

We welcome you to another Sunday Mass in a Tin - this one for Easter Sunday at All Saints' Church in the city of Rome.  This is the day of the year when we celebrate the victory of God over death and the restoration of the Creation which was alienated from him.  In spite of our present circumstances we have done yeoman service as a congregation over the past few weeks maintaining a corporate life of worship "as such".  It has not always been pretty but it's the best we have been able to do.  Easter happens - it happens when we're well and it happens when we're not.  It is our hope that the blessings of the risen Christ will dwell upon and among each one of our people - dispersed as they are around Italy and, in fact, around the world,

We've done a number of these now and the Vicar is well and truly done editing for a while.  Low Sunday will be different and we are in discussion about how we might express the life of our community in ways than are different than the last few weeks.  Stay connected to our website and our Facebook page and join us as we move forward.  A blessed Easter to all of you.

At 5:30 this morning Caireen and I undertook our first attempt at a livestream video (which we've uploaded post facto here) for the First Fire of Easter.

The First Fire of Easter

A Prelude

The Gathering

The Liturgy of the Word
(The sermon is in its own wrappers HERE)

With respect to our offering this morning: As you might imagine, churches such as ours in Italy are highly dependent on revenue from concerts and other rentals of space which are impossible at the present moment.  These are uncertain times for us and we would be grateful for your generosity at this moment in our history.  If you have the ability and willingness to help sustain us during this time, please use the link below to donate.

The Liturgy of the Sacrament

 And a couple of items for the children in our community.

An online Easter Egg hunt.  Find the five eggs in the picture (Caireen says she had a hard time so you can let her know when you see her if you're cleverer than her!) 

Online Easter Egg colouring

A blessed Easter to all of you.

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