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All Saints' Anglican Church in the city of Rome - Lent V - Mass in a Tin

Good morning and welcome to our third "Tinned Sunday Mass" from All Saints' Church in Rome.  Again we are heartened by the number of contributions which have fed into this service: to our readers and those who contributed to the quiltwork version of the Ten Commandments (we have always tried to include the full ten at least once during Lent), to Freddie and Eric at St Paul's Within the Walls who confected a "Merbecke for two voices" along with the spoken peoples' parts for the Mass itself and then doubled their two voices electronically for the Thomas Tallis responses to the 10 Commandements.   My friend Frederic Eymard in Issoire in the Auvergne put together a version of the Old One Hundred for the Offertory in his own inimitable style..  Thanks as well to our titular organist Gabriele Catalucci for the version of the Bach Sarabande which he recorded for us this week.   Immediately below, then, you'll find Youtube videos containing the Gathering, t…

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