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Christmas Eve Sermon

Christmas Eve
at Midnight December 24th, 2019
My text this evening consists of nine words from the middle of our reading from John’s Gospel

And the Word became flesh and dwelt among us.
I’m glad to be gathered with you this evening for this community’s first Eucharist of Christmas this year and my first Midnight Mass with you as Vicar of All Saints’, Rome.Some of you have been here before at Christmas.You can probably tell me how it’s done, what I need to say next in the service and where I should be standing,
and I would do well to listen.
Some of you are here quite regularly throughout the year.I know your names and I have your numbers on my phone or in my book.Someone is no doubt here for the very first time.
I won’t ask you to put up your hand.
I am blessed with two fine interns this year at All Saints’ – young adults at different stages of “approach” shall we say to the eventual practice of ordained ministry in the Anglican tradition.One of the things we hum and haw about in the Sacrist…

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