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"Zaccaeus come down!" - a sermon preached at the Anglican Centre in Rome - November 17th, 2020

A Sermon preached November 17 th , 2020   at the Anglican Centre in Rome Luke 19:1-10 So, who are you in this story of Zacchaeus up a tree?   Do you find that an odd question?   The characters are all here on a page, after all, and you, well you are sitting in the chapel here in person.   These events and conversations took place a long time ago and you are a contemporary person in Anno Domini 2020.   But….one of the ways to study a passage together is to ask yourself at the outset who you identify with.   Are you Jesus, making peace in a situation where folks imagined no peace was possible.   Do you have some relevant experience of this in your families or in your workplaces?   Or do you identify with the crowd looking on, first with loathing upon a man they hated, and then with some sort of outrage when the hated man isn’t equally despised by Jesus?   Do you, yourselves, have some gripe with somebody who was “let off the hook” when they should have received both barrels

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