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Guest Preacher - The Parable of the Wedding Banquet - Matthew 22:1-14 - Fr Paul Farthing, Vicar of the Annunciation, Chislehurst

11 October 2020All Saints Rome
Matthew 22:1-14The day before my wife and I got married, I went to my then church as usual to say the daily Mass. I hadn’t checked the readings in advance, and only as I began to read the Gospel appointed in the daily Lectionary, did I realise what it was: the passage we have just heard. I confess I struggled to make it to the end with a straight face; and my secretary said to me afterwards, I’d better make sure I’m properly dressed tomorrow!It’s a passage that continues a series of parables directed principally at the Jewish leadership of Jesus’ day, and their refusal to acknowledge his claims. Already he has likened them likened to a disobedient son who says yes to his father, but fails to do the work he promised to do, and to rebellious tenants who not only fail to hand over their produce but abuse the land owner’s servants and kill his son when they are sent to collect it. And now, they are guests who, having…

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